What is "Clean Up Week" (formerly Free Week)?

The City of Frankfort provides residents and opportunity to dispose of additional garbage bags for free, during scheduled events. During Clean Up Week, garbage bags can be placed to the curbside without needing to be in a City of Frankfort Overflow Bag. Please reference the Clean Up Week schedule for dates.

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1. Why didn’t they pick up my extra garbage bags sitting next to the cart?
2. What is "Clean Up Week" (formerly Free Week)?
3. I am physically unable to take the carts to the curb for collection. What can I do?
4. My neighbors never take their garbage / recycle carts back to their house! What can I do about it?
5. What should I do with household hazardous waste items, such as fertilizers, drain cleaners and gas?
6. I think my garbage or recycling has been missed. Who do I contact to get it picked up?
7. If I set out carpet will the Solid Waste people take it?
8. When do you collect large items and household appliances?