The MIX District

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Welcome to the MIX District, downtown Frankfort's Entertainment Destination Center! Where you can meet up with friends, interact with downtown Frankfort, and experience our local businesses.

What is an Entertainment Destination Center?

An EDC is an ABC license held by the City of Frankfort that allows permitted downtown restaurants and bars to serve open-container alcoholic beverages to-go. Patrons are allowed to purchase drinks to-go in specially designated cups and walk with them in Downtown Frankfort during designated times.


How is this different from current to-go alcohol sales?

MIX District beverages are meant to be consumed in the public right-of-ways in the downtown area.  These drinks are sold in specially logoed cups and without lids and may be consumed on sidewalks and streets in the district.  Current to-go alcohol sales as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic are meant to be taken home and are sold in sealed, lidded containers. Patrons will now have the option for both types of to-go drinks, so it's important to let your server know which type of drink you'd like to order!


Can I walk around with my own container?

No, the district only permits open-container beverages in specific logoed MIX District cups, sold from participating downtown restaurants and bars.


Can I have an open container at any time?

No, open containers are only allowed during times designed by the City of Frankfort.  Beginning June 25, district hours will be Thursday and Friday, 4:30-11PM and Saturday and Sunday, 11AM-11PM.


What businesses can I purchase MIX District drinks from?

There are currently 8 businesses participating in the MIX District, stay tuned for an official listing and map!


This sounds great! When can we start MIXing it up?

The district officially opens June 25th, with a kickoff event on Broadway and St Clair. Join the City, the Frankfort Bourbon Society, and the Bourbon on the Banks Festival from 6:30-9:30PM for live music on Broadway from SUPERFECTA and to learn more about how the MIX District works. Then make plans to visit downtown's bars and restaurants for dinner and get your drinks to-go.

Click on the image to view the interactive map!

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