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City Commissioner Katrisha Waldridge, is a mother of 2 teen boys, graduate of Kentucky State University with a BA and MPA and the immediate past Mayor ProTem for the city of Frankfort for the last 4 years. She is the first African-American Woman to be elected as City Commissioner and Mayor ProTem for the city of Frankfort during her four years + of service, she has become a role model for women and advocates for nonprofits, quality of life and has led our community to become more engaged with our HBCU here in Frankfort.  As recently re-elected as City Commissioner for another two years, Katrisha has shared that there is still work to do and ground to cover here in the city and the state of Kentucky. During her service she is also serving as President of KBC-LEO, a member of the Governors MLK Commission of Kentucky, member of the Sunshine center board, member of International TownGown Association and City lead for KSU engagement and Parks master plan.  She is also a lead on bringing the City of Frankfort, Franklin County, KSU and YMCA together to recreate KSU’s Exum center into a partnership project that will bring our community together while improving healthy lifestyles. Katrisha is an intricate part of our community as she has  been a breath of fresh air bringing transparency, sound leadership, time sensitive responses and actions, as well as being a true voice for our community.  She has been a fair and strong voice for our community and always stands for what’s right and in the best interest of communities.   Katrisha also is serving as a paralegal for Apollo Law Office where she is expanding her knowledge in law and managing office operations.   She is also furthering her education in Economic Development to support a more sound and knowledge mindset for the betterment of her community.  She is striving to not only be present but be knowledgeable of issues to best lead and serve her community.  While she is moving forward she is checking these boxes of achievements and success. She is proud to say she is a Proud Member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc..  In her sisterhood and walking in the paths of those before her who paved the way, she walks with her head up, shoulders back and humble of the opportunities afforded to her so that she can continue to pave the way for others. Katrisha shares: A stranger isn’t a stranger for too long if you just stick out your hand and introduce yourself.  Relationships are important with all people because no two are the same and our differences are our priceless conduit for achieving all things.