Code Of Ordinances

Code Of Ordinances (CODIFIED)

Codified Ordinances: Ordinances that have been approved by the Board of Commissioners, published in accordance with the law, and officially compiled into the City of Frankfort Code of Ordinances. Codification is a technical legal compliance requirement, providing for the collection and systematic arrangement of city ordinances.

Please note that Non-Codified Ordinances have the same force and effect as Codified Ordinances, but have simply not yet been processed through the official codification system. Ordinances adopted most recently can be found under the “Non-Codified Ordinances” tab on the City of Frankfort website.

2023 S-19 Supplement contains the following codified ordinances:

Local legislation current through Ord. 25, 2022, passed December 19, 2022.

State legislation current through KRS Pamphlet 2022.