Parks Advisory Board

Board Members

The Frankfort Parks, Recreation and Historic Sites Advisory Board is a 7-member board appointed by the Mayor of Frankfort and approved by the Frankfort Board of Commissioners.

Current members include.

Chuck Geveden, Chairman       Chuck

Lesa Hodge, Vice Chairwoman headshot

Jeri Howell Jeri

Steve Pewitt  Steve Pewitt (2)

Jamaal JacksonJamaal-Jackson

Morgan Gilbert Gilbert

Quentine Coleman  Picture-Coming-Soon

Board Meetings

The board meets every 2 months on the 3rd Thursday at 11:30 AM at Juniper Hill Park.  Beginning on the 3rd Thursday in February each year, and then meeting on the 3rd Thursday of each of the following months, April, June, August, October and December. On occasion, special meetings are called for urgent or emergency park needs, safety concerns or other issues.  

Board Information

The board's function is to work as an advisory and community advocacy board with the parks administrative team and to advocate and make recommendations to the Board of City Commissioners. Some key responsibilities include, but not limited to, reviewing and recommending fees and charges for park facilities, programs and events, reviewing and recommending park rules and regulations, review and recommend youth and adult sports policies and procedures, large capital project review and recommendations to the city commission, memorandum of agreement reviews, assisting with the management of the parks 501(c)3 foundation, soliciting donations and recommending expenditures of donated funds, recommending programs and community events, volunteering for park events and programs, and other large scale functions of the parks department.