Field Rentals / Tournaments

Baseball and Softball Field Rental / Tournament 

Information, Terms & Conditions

The Frankfort Parks, Recreation & Historic Sites Athletic Department (FPR) offers multiple baseball and softball fields for youth and adult leagues and tournaments during certain times of the year. Please see below information, terms and conditions for field availability and rental information.  Field availability is limited.  

Link to:  Field Rental / Contract Request Form.  
(Note:  Requests will be accepted for the 2024 season beginning Friday, Dec 1st, 2023.)

Field Rental Costs

Games: $150.00 per field per day.  Practices: $100.00 per field per season or $10 per field per day (Fees subject to change)
*half the rental fee is due to book dates for games

Field Availability

Due to the limited number of playing fields, total number of players and teams, and for scheduling games and practices, fields are not available for tournament rentals during the parks and recreation seasons for recreational league play for youth baseball and softball.  The season dates vary each year, but spring seasons occur approximately early April through mid June and fall seasons occur mid August through mid October.  

Field Rental & Scheduling

Fill out and submit the Contract Request Form. Any technical issues with the form please contact the parks at 502-875-8575 or by emailRequests for rentals for the 2024 season will be accepted beginning Friday, Dec 1st, 2023. 

Fields & Locations

For a list of fields, information and locations, visit the baseball and softball field page. Or contact the parks administrative office at 502-875-8575 or email us.  Please Note:  Lakeview Softball Complex at Lakeview Park will not be available for rent for the 2024 season. 

Terms and Conditions

1)  A signed Contract Request Form and Certificate of Insurance (COI) is required to reserve fields. 

2) Scheduling. If approved, dates, times, and specific fields must be coordinated between the tournament organizer and the parks Athletic Director and Deputy Parks Director. It is not guaranteed that all dates requested will be scheduled. Rental dates, times and fields are limited due to recreational league play and FPR strives to provide a variety of rental opportunities for various organizations. FPR strives to schedule as fairly as possible depending on the amount of requests received. 

3) Field Priority. FPR activities and programs have first priority to field usage. 

4) Daily Rental Hours:  7 AM - Midnight. No NEW inning shall start after 11:30 pm and all events should conclude by midnight.  If games fall behind schedule, it is the renter’s responsibility to monitor games to ensure no new games will begin that will not finish before, or within reason, of the midnight curfew time.

5) Field Adaptations. Number of fields for specific sports and field distances, base lengths, mound locations, etc. are limited. Field adaptations (temporary fencing, change of base lengths, mound adaptations, etc.) are possible, however not guaranteed. FPR staffing, materials and supplies are limited, it is the responsibility of the tournament organization or individual to provide the necessary materials and supplies and the labor to install and remove. Field adaptations must be approved prior to use.

6) Liability and Responsibility. FPR does not assume any liability or responsibility for the tournament. The parks department simply provides the location, all tournament games and functions will follow the rules and procedures of the hosting tournament organization or individual. Including, but not limited to, max innings, game time limits, mercy rules, minimum number of players, ejections, and other in game rules. 

7) Field Prep & Maintenance. FPR Staff will prepare fields for play at the beginning of the day before play one time per day. Chalking, lining, wet weather repairs, base placement, etc. Tournament organizers are responsible for field maintenance throughout the day. Parks staff will work to keep area clean and free of litter and trash as best as possible, however staffing is limited and not guaranteed to be available at all times. It is highly recommended that tournament organizers provide assistance with litter and trash pick up in the field, dugouts, bleachers and parking lot areas and to strongly encourage participating teams to police themselves. 

8) Food Concessions: Concession buildings are not available for tournament use. Food vendors or tents are permitted, however electricity and space is limited. And the tournament organizers and/or food vendors are required to have the necessary health department permits and business license for the City of Frankfort. Business License only needed within the city limits of Frankfort. For health dept. permits visit the Franklin Co. Health Department website or call them at 502-564-7647.  For Frankfort Business License information, visit the City Finance website or contact City Hall at 502-875-8500. 

9) Medical / EMS. It is the responsibility of the tournament organization or individual to provide any necessary medical / first aid supplies, personnel or EMS to be on site during tournament activities.  Frankfort Parks and Recreation cannot guarantee the immediate availability of medical supplies or emergency services.

10) Cancellation or Postponements. The tournament organization or individual is responsible for cancellation or postponements of tournament games or practices due to rain, lightning, heat, poor air quality or other factors. FPR reserves the right to limit or stop field usage in the event fields could or are being damaged due to poor weather conditions or if safety issues arise. 

11) Authority on Field Disputes. The Parks Deputy Director and/or Director of Parks has the final authority on any disputes for field and facility usage, rentals, fees, charges, procedures or other functions. 

12) Alcohol and Drugs. No alcohol or drugs permitted in any park facility.  

13) Refunds:  Requests for refunds must be made to the Frankfort Parks Athletic Director or main office ( in writing via e-mail or letter.  Refund requests will be addressed on a case by case basis. Refunds are not guaranteed.  

14) Field Maintenance Equipment: For liability and insurance purposes, FPR grounds and field maintenance equipment, including but not limited to, John Deere Gators, mowers, field drags, etc. are not authorized to be used by the tournament organization or individual. 

15) Restrooms & Portable Restrooms: Restrooms at fields are limited and some fields are on a limited septic system. Park restrooms will be cleaned and stocked at the beginning of each rental day. Additional cleaning is not guaranteed throughout the day, it is highly recommended tournament organizers assist to keep restrooms clean. Portable restrooms are permitted, at the expense of the renter. It is highly recommended for large tournaments with large numbers of players and spectators to bring in portable restrooms. All portable restrooms must be removed within 4 business days after the rental period. 

16) Suspension or Banning Authority. The Parks and Recreation Director has the authority to suspend tournaments or suspend or ban tournament organizations from future park rentals if excessive unruly behavior, disorderly conduct, excessive damage to facilities, excessive foul language, fighting, drug or alcohol possession, excessive complaints or other unwarranted behavior exists.

17) Trash Collection and Pickup. FPR staff will empty trash cans at fields at minimum once per day. It is highly recommended that tournament organizers and teams police themselves as best as possible. Organizers and teams are expected to keep the dugout, press box and field areas clean and free of trash and debris. 

18) No erection of signs, banners, or other notices is allowed without prior permission from FPR

19) No vehicles (with the exception of emergency vehicles) are allowed on the ball fields at any time.

20) It is the responsibility of the renter to assist with the general clean up of the facility throughout the day.

21) The staff of FPR will work with the renter to determine whether fields are in playable condition. In the event of rain-outs, the applicant must call the Athletic Office for rescheduling. In the event of complete rain outs, FPR will work with the renter on potential credit or refund. 

22) It is the responsibility of the renter to monitor the weather and ensure safe playing conditions.  FPR staff reserve the right to suspend or cancel all activities due to weather (lightning, rain, etc.) or other conditions that make the facility unsafe for play or could cause damage to facilities.

23) FPR will not assume any liability for any personal injury incurred or loss of personal property.

24) No pepper or soft toss into any fence at any time.

25) Use of Scoreboards and other equipment will be at the discretion of FPR.  Use of equipment may be disrupted due to weather conditions, equipment malfunction, or other unforeseen circumstances.  Equipment will be kept in working order, or repaired as time and department budgets allow.  All renters should have a backup scoring system, timing system, etc. as an alternative to those systems on site at FPR venues.

26) Renters may charge a gate fee or admission fee for the areas they reserve.  Any space that is not rented may be used at the discretion of FPR, and no fees may be charged to those using those spaces.  Baseball Fields and Softball Fields barriers such as yellow tape, temporary fencing may be used to funnel crowds into an admission gate, as long as it does not hinder access to park areas for other visitors. Other locations may be approved or rejected by the Athletics Director.

27) FPR is a fully functional park system, complete with other sport venues, activities, shelter rentals, hiking trails, mountain biking trails, fitness areas, dog parks, disc golf courses, etc.  As such, FPR may have additional activities, events, rentals, etc. taking place.  Renters may not hinder or deter other park visitors from accessing roads, parking lots, and amenities of the park system.

28) No “Drones” or other unmanned vehicles may be flown at the facilities during events, unless approved by FPR prior to the event.

29) All vehicles must be parked in the designated parking areas at all times.

30) Vehicles may load/unload in the designated areas.  Vehicles are not allowed to park in these areas for extended periods of time.  After unloading, all vehicles should be returned to designated parking areas.

31) It is the responsibility of the renter to inform attendees of all rules and regulations and to make sure they are enforced.

32) FPR reserves the right to establish and enforce other terms and conditions to protect facilities and equipment and to manage employees and safety.