Eligible Property

Properties determined to be eligible for the program must meet at a minimum the following criteria:

  1. The property is subject to existing Code Enforcement and/or City Property tax liens
  2. The Planning & Community Development Department has exhausted all available avenues for enforcement and compliance through its typical procedures
  3. The property is one or more of the following:
    1. A vacant unimproved lot
    2. Has outstanding code violations of a nature to consider the property a "Dangerous Structure or Premises" as defined in Section 107.1.5 of the City of Frankfort Nuisance Code
    3. On the City Abandoned Property List per Chapter 100 of the City of Frankfort Code of Ordinances


Any person owning real property within the City of Frankfort may apply to donate the property to the City by filling out a Property Donation Application.


Check out the Property Viewer to see which Eligible Properties are currently accepting applications.