Good Neighbor Property Owner

If you own residential property in the City which is adjacent to an Eligible Property you may be able to acquire that property. In order to qualify, you need to fulfill the following obligations:

  1. Demonstrate how acquiring the eligible property will benefit your adjacent property, including a plan for maintaining and/or improving the eligible property
  2. Agree not to sell the eligible property for at least two years after acquisition
  3. Be in "good standing" with the City of Frankfort, meaning you have all necessary City business and regulatory licenses that may apply to you, and that you have no active City Nuisance Code violation cases or outstanding Code liens, and no other outstanding liens or debts to the City. This includes delinquencies on any City real or personal property taxes or occupational license taxes, or other charges, fees, taxes, fines, or penalties.
  4. Have a written project plan, including estimated completion schedule for improvement to the property.

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